Why we do it

Educational robotics offer unlimited opportunities to learn about coding, creativity, problem solving and team collaboration – skills that are all valuable in the twenty first century. These skills will be helpful in the future working environment of the youth, and by teaching them this at a young age will give them a head start in the fourth industrial revolution. A core value of FutureLab is to unlock these opportunities in underprivileged communities.

What we do

We currently offer Robotics classes as an extra-mural activity at various schools and other venues. 

Our vision is to mentor learners in developing the mental and hands-on skills typical of the scientific-technical world through sustainable, quality growth. Our mission declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions:

  • To educate the nation
  • To inspire individuals to become lifelong learners
  • To encourage children to make discoveries and be excited about creating solutions

We cover introductory robotics and help learners complete projects that match their skills and competencies.  This means the scope of what we do is open-ended, and each learner would be able to proceed at his or her own pace.

We run our classes at a frequency of one afternoon per week, on average eight weeks per term.  Sessions are 60 minutes long for the Junior class (Grades 1-3) and 75 minutes long for the Senior class (Grades 4-6).